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Sensor Web

Time frame: 1/2014 - 05/2014

Website: n/a

Description: SWE software development services: data integration and client development. The development tasks in this project were focused on the creation of the 52°North JavaScript SOS client. In addition, 52°North supported the installation of Sensor Web components and the set-up of data flows from different instruments into the 52°North SOS 4.0 database (via the 52°North SOS Importer).


Time frame: 09.2013 - 11.2013

Website: n/a

Description: Technical assistance for the setup of Sensor Web technology as part of Ifremer's overhaul of the real time systems for acquisition, archiving and data monitoring on board oceanographic vessels.

OGC Web Services, Phase 10 (OWS 10)

Project description: OWS 10


GEOSS interoperability for Weather, Ocean and Water

Time frame: 09.2011 to 08.2014


Description: GEOWOW aims at improving the discovery, the accessibility and the exploitability of Earth Observation data. This shall be achieved by evolving GEOSS in terms of interoperability, standardization and functionality. Thus, enhancements and improvements for the GEOSS Common Infrastructure are developed and validated.
With regard to practical applications, GEOWOW focuses on the weather, water and ecosystem social benefit areas (SBA) of GEOSS. 52°North is involved in activities concerning the hydrology domain. Together with partner KISTERS AG, 52N will contribute to the international standardization for the exchange of hydrological data.

Time frame: 8.2013 to 11.2013

Description: Sensor Web Enablement development for updating and further development based on existing Sensor Web components.  This includes specification of a REST API for time series,  database model development, SOS-Hibernate mapping, extension of the REST API module implementation and extension of notification component.

Commissioned/Funded by: Wupperverband


    52°North GmbH, Germany

Contact: Simon Jirka (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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