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Sensor Web infrastructures can handle diverse observation data -  from air quality measurements, hydrological data and weather observations, to data collected by sea buoys or even complex autonomous systems, such as sea gliders or satellites. How is this done? Who is doing it? What is the technology behind it? Where is it heading? This and more will be discussed at the Geospatial Sensor Webs Conference where sensor web researchers and practitioners meet, present and discuss their ideas, use cases and solutions.

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Import ILWIS functionality into Python and write high level scripts for multi-source geoprocessing in a standard scripting environment! The ILWIS community has released a Beta version of the Python extension for Ilwis-Objects.


A new version of the 52°North SOS is available. The 4.3.7 release fixed several bugs, updated the REST API and added support for the OGC SOS 1.0 GetObservation resultModel.


Interoperability and Standardization for Marine Sensors and Observation Data - Dick Schapp (MARIS) exemplifies the need for standardization in the marine community in his keynote for the Geospatial Sensor Web Conference 2016.

Geospatial Sensor Webs Conference 2017

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