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The Security & GeoRM Community announces the release of the 52N WSC.Desktop Version 0.9. This Java desktop application enables the integration of protected services in local GIS applications. Version 0.9 users can access WSS, WAS and Shibboleth protected services. The limited subset of the SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) 2.0 ECP Profile implemented resulted from participation in the OGC Interoperability Shibboleth Experiment.


The Security & GeoRM Community releases the WSS 2.2.0 beta version. This simple http web service is designed to analyze service requests and block unauthorized requests to protected OGC Web Services. This version provides protection for

  • Web Mapping Services,
  • Web Feature Services,
  • Web Processing Services and
  • Sensor Observation Services.


The Security & GeoRM Community created a demonstration platform for testing 52N Security Services. A Web Authentication Service (WAS) and a Web Security Service (WSS) have been deployed and can be used with protected Web Processing Services (WPS), Sensor Observation Services (SOS), Web Feature Services (WFS), and Web Mapping Services (WMS).

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Sensor Web Community member Arne Bröring presented 52°North’s current Sensor Interface Descriptor (SID) developments to a group of technology manufacturers and vendors, as well as marine researchers at the 2nd PESOS Workshop in Hamburg last week. The participants gathered to discuss how to reasonably combine SIDs with other interface standards such as IEEE 1451 and the emerging PUCK protocol to achieve plug & play marine sensors.

Geospatial Sensor Webs Conference 2017

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