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52°North partner the Institute for Geoinformatics announces a call for presentations for the "Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Applications in Geoinformation Science" Workshop at the GEOINFORMATIK 2011 – GEOCHANGE conference on June 16, 2011 in Muenster, Germany. This workshop will cover the use and benefits of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for geoinformation applications and research. Its main focus will be on:

  • remote sensing methods (used sensors, image data, software and workflow),
  • real-time phenomena measurements and their integration in Sensor Web services,
  • current positioning technologies and their enhancements (Differential GPS, GNSS, INS),
  • projects and deployed applications of UAVs in geosciences,
  • swarm behavior and artificial intelligence in combination with flight-route trajectory planning.

more information and complete call here...


52°North recently participated in esri’s DevSummit conference, held March 7 - 10 in Palm Springs, California. With more than 1,400 participants and 70 tracks, it is one of the largest events for GIS professionals worldwide. The conference - as always - was a great opportunity to get an overview on both esri’s new technologies and their strategies for future developments. It was an intense dialog between esri staff and skilled developers from all over the world. Hot topics were web 2.0, mobile and cloud computing.

esri intensively collaborates with customers, business partners and researchers to advance GIS technology and its application. Esri’s engagement in the 52°North R&D network fits perfectly to this strategy.


52°North participates in the Observation Fusion Thread of the OGC OWS 8 testbed. This Thread covers

  • WCS 2.0 Earth Observation Application Profile, WCPS, Compliance Test Scripts
  • Detection, tracking, and bookmarking of moving objects in video, implemented using SWE and other OGC encodings and interfaces.

At the recent Kickoff meeting, held in Washington DC from March 9 – 11, 2011, it was decided that the 52°North WPS will be the basis for developing a Web Processing Service tailored to Earth Observation needs. This will also include implementing a Web Coverage Processing Service (WCPS) extension. Results are expected in the fall.

more information here...


At the most recent OGC TC meeting held in Bonn, 52°North partners shared their expertise in the Sensor Web Enablement, Geoprocessing, Workflow and other related Working Groups, thus contributing to the further development of interoperable standards for SDIs.

Geospatial Sensor Webs Conference 2017

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