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Große Dhünn-Talsperre

52°North's Drs. Ben Gräler and Simon Jirka recently joined members of the new MuDaK-WRM project (funded by the BMBF) for a tour of the "Große Dhünn-Talsperre" (Large Dhuenn Dam). The dam serves as an initial monitoring reservoir for the project.


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52°North's Google Summer of Code students have started their work. This week they introduce themselves and their projects. Check out their introductory Blog posts:

  1. Caching for Sensor Web REST API (Anton Egorov)
  2. Simple Features for protobuf and others (Malith Withanage Don)


Easy integration of heterogenous sensor data sources with different geoprocessing technologies

Christoph Stasch et al. report on work done within the TaMIS Project. The recently published article "Coupling sensor observation services and web processing services for online geoprocessing in water dam monitoring" presents an approach for easy integration of geoprocessing components in the TaMIS dam monitoring system.


Digital Society - Digital Change

Social media, platforms for publishing user generated web content, or even the Internet of Things with its easy to use technologies for environmental monitoring have facilitated the emergence of new forms of citizen engagement. Prof. Dr. Andreas Wytzisk outlines central developments and presents practical examples from disaster management and environmental monitoring.

Geospatial Sensor Webs Conference 2017

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