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no phone2017-08-16
Due to changing our phone provider, 52°North's phones will not be working this Wednesday(2017-08-23).
Please contact us via email.


Google Summer of Code Project uses Protocol Buffers to enable a faster exchange of spatial features over the net. Malith Withanage Don provides an update on his work on "Simple Features for protobuf and others”.

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The EDC Forum 2017 “Big Data Analytics in Geographic Information Systems” addresses topics with a scientific and technological focus in the field of modeling, analyzing and visualizing spatio-temporal phenomena based on large datasets and large streams of data. It takes place September 21/22 - 2017 in Muenster, Germany.


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Sensor Web technology enables the sharing of observation data collected by Earth Observation networks and facilitates access to information capturing the state of the environment. It can also complement approaches for interoperable Web-based Geoprocessing with mechanisms for delivering input data and sharing the resulting information products.

Geospatial Sensor Webs Conference 2017

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