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As the Google Summer of Code 2015 comes to a close, 52°North's students wrap up and write up their final projects.

Check out their blog posts on a daily basis.

  1. Social Driving Stats - Final Blog(enviroCar), Heshitha Hettihewa
  2. 3D Connection Maps”, Adhitya Kamakshidasan
  3. "Statistics for OGC Web services - Final Report", Csaba Lestar
  4. SPARQL endpoint and Interoperability of the enviroCar Linked Data - Final Blog Post”, Deepak Nair
  5. enviroCar Light- Final Blog”, Arne DeWall
  6. WPS-Ilwis Bridge - Final Post”, Aron Karolyi


Gerard klein

Gerard Casas, a student of Informatics Engineering at the Informatics Faculty of Barcelona, UPC- Barcelona Tech, visits 52°North on his way to an internship at con terra GmbH. In 2012, a "curiosity for the computing world" led the former 17 year old high school student to submit his research project to the 52°North Student Innovation Prize 2012. His proposal "gTweet - a Tool for the Geolocation of Social Movements" made such an impression upon the jury that they awarded him the 52°North Innovation Incentive Award 2012. Several years later he is in Münster trying to implement the basic idea of his gtweet app with FME Server and map.apps.




The enviroCar project is excited to appear in the upcoming exhibit “The Web. People, Cables, Data Streams” („Das Netz. Menschen, Kabel, Datenströme“) in Berlin‘s German Museum of Technology (Deutsches Technikmuseum). Several weeks ago, its last showcase item arrived at its destination. Of course the route was tracked using enviroCar!

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52°North's Google Summer of Code students have published their midterm reports!

  1. Statistics for OGC Web services - Midterm Report”, Csaba Lestar
  2. "3D Connection Maps - Midterm Post”, Adhitya Kamakshidasan
  3. SPARQL endpoint and Interoperability for enviroCar data - Midterm Report”, Deepak Nair
  4. Social Driving Stats - Midterm Blog(enviroCar), Heshitha Hettihewa
  5. enviroCar Light - Midterm Post”, Arne DeWall
  6. WPS-Ilwis Bridge - Midterm Post”, Aron Karolyi

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