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Spinning the Sensor Web - 52°North Sensor Web Workshop 2.0


52°North invites Sensor Web enthusiasts to join the 52°North Sensor Web Workshop 2014. The 2 day workshop takes place in Muenster on December 4 & 5, 2014 and focuses on establishing an overview of current and planned Sensor Web projects and activities. Participants meet to share their experience gained from Sensor Web activities and to  identify next research and development steps.


OGC adopts OGC Sensor Observation Service 2.0 Hydrology Profile Best Practice


52°North is pleased to announce that OGC has adopted the OGC Sensor Observation Service 2.0 Hydrology Profile as an OGC Best Practice Paper. The SOS Hydrology Profile explains how to specify semantics and structure requests and defines the necessary technical details to implement an interoperable hydrology SOS profile.


FOSSGIS 2015 - Call for Papers


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The Call for Papers for the FOSSGIS 2015 is out! From March 11 - 13, 2015, Münster is the home of the largest German speaking conference for Free Open Source Software for Geoinformation systems. If you are a researcher, developer or user of Open Source geosoftware or free geodata, submit your idea, project, experience or topic. The deadline for submissions is November 15, 2014.


ILWIS Next Generation @ FOSS4G 2014


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ILWIS fit for the future - Rob Lemmens sets the scene for the ILWIS Next Generation (ILWIS NG) project at this year's FOSS4G.

In his presentation, Rob explains the history of ILWIS and outlines its transition to a refactored, more flexible, modular-based GIS and remote sensosing software - ILWIS Objects. Work continues on the ILWIS desktop and ILWIS 4 plans to make processing and mapping available in one place.

Video:  ILWIS, the next generation tool framework for GIS and remote sensing

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