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Refreshments fueled creativity @ ifgi summer school hackathon


52°North GmbH supported the ifgi summer school hackathon with drinks, sandwiches and snacks, providing energy and fueling creativity.

The Institute for Geoinformatics (ifgi) in Muenster recently celebrated its 20th birthday. As part of the celebrations, ifgi held a five day summer school around the topic “Gamifying Spatial Collaboration”. Students from all over the world met to learn about and discuss location-based gaming and spatial collaboration. A major highlight was the hackathon, in which the students developed a concept for a location-based in-car game. Refreshments from 52°North helped provide energy and fuel creativity.


The 52°North SOS - an INSPIRE Download Service


When the INSPIRE Conference 2014 opens its doors next week, 52°North and JRC will propose a way to extend the INSPIRE Technical Guidelines for Download Services to include the OGC SOS interface. An open source implementation of the specification is currently in the making - the 52°North SOS 4.X. Dr. Simon Jirka will present this as an INSPIRE Download Service and explain how to implement SOS based sharing of observation data.


Google Summer of Code 2014 Blog



52°North's Google Summer of Code students have started to work on their projects. This week they present themselves and their projects. Check out their blogs on the following topics:

  1. Access Control UI For SOS Servers: Dushyant Sabharwal
  2. ILWIS mobile app: Bouke Pieter Ottow
  3. enviroCar UX Design: Rahul Raja
  4. Sensor Data Access for Rasdaman: Simona Badoiu

52°North is ECSA partner


52°North confirms its support of the citizen science movement in Europe and becomes a partner of the Eurpoean Citizen Science Association (ECSA).


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