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Data on the fly with the 52°North SOS 4.1.0


New XML response streaming leads to faster response times! The 52°North SOS 4.1.0 requires less memory and uses fewer resources. In addition, the GetObservation function enables a database query on the fly. Several other new features include the support of single endpoint, Microsoft SQL Server and Java 8.


Visualizing health risks


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Kym Watson explains how the EO2Heaven project put health and environmental data together – no simple task since they come in different formats – to create maps showing the correlation between time and health events in Dresden (Germany), Durban (South Africa) and Uganda. As a project partner, 52°North contributed expertise on and software developments in Sensor Web and web based geoprocessing.


52°North WPS 3.3.0 with new features


More stability, more flexibilty - the 52°North WPS 3.3.0 is now available! Communicate more easliy with the WPS. Implement new algorithms, parsers and generators. Use the 52°North WPS without GeoTools dependencies and substantially reduce the size (to approximately 20 MB). These are just a few of the new features in this 52°North WPS release.


Updated licenses for WPS and XML schma bindings


Calling all developers - WPS modules and XML schema bindings are now under an Apache Software License Version 2.0!  With the move, it is now easier to create new WPS components for different applications and the 52n-commons-xml library makes it more inviting to integrate an OGC layer in an application.


52N Innovation Prize

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SSL @ 52°North

52°North uses StartSSL certificates for securing communication. For easy usage please install the following certificates in your browser:


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