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52°North to mentor 5 students for the Google Summer of Code 2014



52°North welcomes five students for this year's Google Summer of Code.

52°North received 18 proposal submissions from students all over the world who were interested in creating code for a number of 52°North projects. The six students and their mentors will work on challenging software development projects in the enviroCar project and the Sensor Web and ILWIS communities.

Read more in this blog post:

ILWIS 3.8.4 with support for PostGIS


The ILWIS community is pleased to announce a new ILWIS release. ILWIS 3.8.4 now supports PostGIS for vector and raster data.  In addition, this release contains several new features and a number of bug fixes.


AGILE Workshop - Digital Earth: What the hack?


ITC organizes an AGILE 2014 Workshop on advancing co-creation in smart cities. Potential participants are invited to submit kick-off questions for discussion. The deadline is 20 May 2014.


User friendly and efficient - 52°North SOS 4.0.0


The Sensor Web Community announces a new, user friendlier and more efficient Sensor Observation Service. The 52°North SOS 4.0.0’s new installation wizard and improved data model make it easier to use and manage near real-time sensor data.


AGILE Workshops : Call for Papers


The 17th AGILE Conference on Geographic Information Science takes place from June 3 - 6 in Castellón, Spain. 52°North announces a call for papers for two pre-conference workshops:

  • "Sensor Web for Environmental Research" (52°North),
  • "Geoprocessing on the Web" (TU Dresden).

Submission deadline is April 15, 2014. Both workshops take place on June 3, 2014.


52N Innovation Prize

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