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Sensor Web

(Dutch: Sensors als databronnen aan de geo-informatie infrastructuur)

Time frame: 2007

Website:  n/a

Description: The 52North Sensor Web implementations were used within this project for integrating sensors and sensor data into spatial data infrastructures. The University of Muenster used the 52°North SOS implementation to set up several Sensor Observation Service instances.



Time frame: 2007 - 2008


Description: The University of Muenster's developments of several 52°North SWE components were part of the OGC Web Services testbed, Phase 5. A significant achievement was the successfully completed Compliance and Interoperability Test and Evaluation (CITE) for the 52°North Sensor Observation Service and Sensor Planning Service implementations. Furthermore, the OX-Framework was used as a basis for the development of a thin map client application.

Time frame: 2006


Description: The AFIS Project of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in South Africa utilizes satellite imagery to automatically detect bush fires. When a fire hotspot threats the population or the infrastructure, the person responsible is automatically notified. The AFIS project is based on the web services of the SWE framework.

 Open architecture for Smart and Interoperable networks in Risk management based on In-situ Sensors

Time frame: 2006 - 2009


Description: The project aimed at designing, developing and testing a service oriented architecture for risk monitoring and crisis management. The 52North Sensor Web implementations (i.e. SOS, SAS, SPS and the according clients) were enhanced and used in a broad range of use cases ranging from forest fire fighting, to water and air pollution monitoring. Within the OSIRIS project, the University of Muenster actively contributed to the development and updated the 52North Sensor Web software implementations.

The Universty of Muenster developed the foundation of the 52North Sensor Observation Service implementation during the OWS 4 testbed. This work was carried out along side the SOS specification process.

Time Frame: 2006

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