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Sensor Web

Ocean Data Interoperability Platform

Time frame: 04/2015 – 3/2018


Description: The Ocean Data Interoperability Platform aims to facilitate more efficient sharing of data across scientific domains and international boundaries. It organizes international workshops which focus on promoting standards and developing prototypes to evaluate potential standards and interoperability solutions. 52°North contributes its experience in developing Sensor Web technology, supports the deployment of Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) implementations and helps to broaden the use of SWE standards. It is also responsible for coordinating the ODIP 2 prototype for interoperable data sharing, which includes SWE, Linked Data and lightweight technologies, such as JSON.

System Software Engineering Support for EUMETSAT

Time frame: 7/2015 - 12/2015

Website: n/a

Description: 52°North provides systems sofware engineering support for EUMETSAT's Data Services and Engineering Team. This includes analysis, design, development and testing of software functions. In addition, 52°North redevelops an exiting C++ application with Java.

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Development of a Dam Surveillance and Information System for the Management of Natural Hazards

Time frame: 2015 - 2019

Website: n/a

Description:  The project's  main goal is to develop surveillance technology able to process hetereogenous data for natural hazards management. The following goals are addressed:

  • integration of various sensor systems in the TaMIS system
  • basic research regarding data collection methods to determine the absorbability characteristics as an indicator for landslide risks
  • conceptual design and use of open standards for the transfer of data, as well as the provision of interfaces for specific software
  • provision of data bia open and interoperable standards
  • identification and consideration of measurement uncertainty
  • client development, data visualization and analysis
  • implementation and validation of new TaMIS system in the field.

52°North will extend the 52°North WPS with interfaces to processing libraries.

Bringing together Research and Industry for the Development of Glider Environmental Services

Time frame: 3/2015 - 2/2019


Description: BRIDGES aims to develop a glider (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) for monitoring and exploring the deap sea. In addition, a system for administering the glider shall be developed., i.e. mission planning and data collection. 52°North's tasks are to

  1. design the architecture for accessing (uploading) the compiled data and meta data;
  2. integrate SWE technology to provide the data (SOS) and control the glider (SPS);
  3. develop best practices for the data transfer (e.g. use of Binary XML, decentralized metadata administration).

Applying European market leadership to river basin networks and spreading of innovation on water ICT models, tools and data

Time frame: 3/2015 - 1/2017


Description: WaterInnEU’s primary vision is to create a marketplace to enhance the exploitation of EU funded ICT models, tools, protocols and policy briefs related to water and to establish suitable conditions for new market opportunities based on these offerings. 52°North reviews current standards and implements a market place platform using existing technologies.

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