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52°North's Google Summer of Code students have started their work. This week they introduce themselves and their projects. Check out their blogs on the following topics:

  1. WPS-ILWIS Bridge”, Aron Karolyi  (Hungary)
  2. 3D Connection Maps”, Adhitya Kamakshidasan (India)
  3. “SPARQL endpoint and Interoperability for enviroCar data”, Deepak Nair (India)
  4. “Social Driving Stats” (enviroCar), Heshitha Hettihewa (Sri Lanka)
  5. “Statistics for OGC Web services”, Csaba Lestar (Hungary)
  6. “enviroCar Light”, Arne DeWall (Germany)


Import a variety of CSV (Character Separated Values) files to an SOS (Sensor Observation Service) instance quickly and easily with the wizard guided 52°North SOS Importer 0.4. The tool is easy to extend. Completely revised documentation explains, among other things, the configuration, how to run and how to build it. A tutorial, complete with sample data, guides users through the steps.



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52°North welcomes six students for this year's Google Summer of Code.

52°North received 16 proposal submissions from students all over the world who were interested in creating code for a number of 52°North projects. 52°North is particularly pleased to have received 6 slots for students. The students and their mentors will work on challenging software development projects in the enviroCar, Sensor Web, Geoprocessing and 3D communities.



Are you using or developing scientific models?  Are you using or developing geoprocessing functionality?
Are you interested in online collaboration and usage in regards to scientific models or geoprocessing and don't want to worry about technical details?

The Technische Universität Dresden (Germany) jointly organizes an AGILE Workshop with the University of Salzburg and 52°North. The workshop "Geoprocessing on the Web – Science-driven and Community-driven" aims to bring together current and future developers and users of online geoprocessing technology for demonstrating solutions and providing best practice examples. It takes place at the AGILE Conference 2015 in Lisbon Portugal on June 9, 2015.

Contributions for short presentations are due by May 15, 2015.



Create advanced analysis and visualizations of time series data with sensorweby - a web application integrating the 52°North JavaScript SOS Client and the analytical powers of R.


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