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International representatives meet to outline future path of integrating statistics with geospatial information. 52°North presents use case with WPS, R and shiny.


ODIP II Workshop

The 4th ODIP II workshop took place at the Marine Institute, in Galway, Ireland last week. International project partners met with other domain and technical experts to discuss and progress the various project activities that support the development of a common global framework for marine data management.


EDC17 2 EDC17 1

Approximately 50 stakeholders from science, industry, and public authorities recently attended the EDC Forum 2017 in Muenster to discuss recent trends and ideas regarding Big Data Analytics in Geographic Information Systems.



Gumbell Copula - bivariate normality

Last week, international researchers met to discuss recent mathematical developments in risk modeling. 52°North's Dr. Ben Gräler demonstrated the use of local spatial and spatio-temporal vine copulas to model extreme environmental phenomena.

Geospatial Sensor Webs Conference 2017

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