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WSC.Web Configuration

This section describes the configuration of the WSC.Web web application.

All relevant parameters are defined as servlet init parameters in the WEB-INF/web.xml file of the web application.

Below you see the corresponding section of the web.xml file as delivered.


        <!-- timeout of transient facades in seconds -->

        <!-- timeout check interval for transient facades in seconds -->

        <!--  The SecurityGatewayServlet redirects the client to the specified url if a facade was requested, that does not exist -->
WSC.Web parameters
Parameter value Description
facadeServletPath Defines the additional path element that is appended to the web application base URL for facades. This usually has not to be changed. If you want to change this, you have change references to this in some JSPs, too
facadeConfigFile Path to the file where facades are stored. It will be created the first time you create a facade
transientFacadeTimeout Number of seconds until a transient facade expires
expirationCheckInterval Number of seconds the WSC.Web application cleans up expired facades from the memory.
reloginPageUrl Path to the page sthat should be shown, if an expired/non-existing facade is requested