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Last Published: 11/14/2008

52n Security

Welcome to the 52n Security API project.


  • Core API

    It contains all common classes and utils, wich are shared between the client-api and the services-api modules.

  • Client API

    It is focused on the client side of a communication channel and contains the proxy classes used for communication with the services defined in the service-api module.

  • Service API

    It defines all classes needed to setup security services. Until now it contains classes for authentication, enforcment and policy descison.

  • Facade API

    It contains classes for a special kind of service. A security facade is a service wich behaves like a normal SDI service (e.g. WMS), but it has also a user interface for authentication. So it works like a security wrapper, enables the use of a security infrastructure also for non security enabled clients.

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