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Protect your WPS Processes!

Watch this video to get a demo of a protected WPS that is accessed with Refractions' uDig


This step-by-step tutorial shows how to protect your WPS with the 52°North Web Security Service

  1. Download the WSS web application containing WPS support.
  2. Deploy the WAR file into your Apache Tomcat servlet container.
  3. Download uDig.
  4. Download the uDig WPS plugin.
  5. Install it as described here.
  6. Edit WSS_WEBAPP_ROOT/WEB-INF/classes/permissions.xml and change ResourceDomain and ActionDomain if necessary.
  7. Start your tomcat servlet container and uDig application. Connect to the WSS (WPS endpoint) http://localhost:8080/wss/httpauth/WPS. If nesessary change the webapp root.
  8. Login with bob/bob or alice/alice.
  9. Perform your desired operation.