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Access WAS and WSS without installing the apps locally!


User Accounts

All proteced 52°North Demo Services can be accessed with the following users, each attached with special access policies:

  • alice/alice: Full access to protected services
  • bob/bob: Limited access, eg. some layers of WMS removed
  • guest/guest: Very limited access, most WMS layers removed

Authentication Schemes

  • HTTP Basic Authentication: This is supported by a wide range of clients like uDig, ESRI ArcMap etc -- or all browsers. Just add the URL of a protected service that is suffixed with "httpauth" (Example) as WMS, and you will be prompted for username and password. Select one of the credentials above and you will be able to access the resources as defined within the user's policies.
  • Guest Access: Using guest access allows you to connect to protected services without the need to authenticate at all. You will be implicitely authenticated as user with guest privileges and get according access. Just copy the "noauth" URL into a client applciation to access a protected service without authentication. (Example)
  • WSS Protocol: The WSS protocol is a proprietary security protocol that allows to implement Single Sign-On scenarios. Before being able to connect to a service you need to open a session with a WSS providing some kind of credentials. WSS Protocol Specification...
  • SAML: With this authentication scheme you need to provide ua SAML response as part of a query string or HTTP header named saml. It will then be verified and evaluated by the WSS to retrieve a user's roles.

For a complete description of authentication schemes, please go here

Web Authentication Service (WAS)


Click and enter alice/alice to get a Base64-encoded SAMLResponse.