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All documentation was originally made for ILWIS 3.0/3.1 and is largely still relevant and useful for ILWIS 3.7/ILWIS 3.8. In addition, ILWIS 3.8 has new visualization functionality and a Visualization Reference Document. The ILWIS 3.0 User's Guide is intended for those who want to know how ILWIS 3.0 is used in basic GIS and Image Processing operations. It trains the skills you need to work with ILWIS, including explanations and procedures for first time users in addition to topics for more advanced users. It provides numerous exercises to practice GIS techniques and Image Processing operations and can be used both by persons that want to learn how to work with ILWIS by themselves, or in a course environment.


ILWIS 3.1 and beyond
Quick introduction to ILWIS 3.1 Data (.ZIP) 679 kB
Introduction to ILWIS 3.1 (in Chinese) use same data as above

Unesco-Rapca, Capacitación en SIG, Ejercicios SIG (in Spanish)
2 ejercicios básicos y 12 casos de estudio para el análisis de amenazas, vulnerabilidad y riesgo (texto + datos)

Calculation of hydromorphological parameters for a catchment (in English)
Determinación de parámetros y características hidrogeomorfológicas de una cuenca (in Spanish)

Data (.ZIP) 1.0 MB
ILWIS 3.0 User's Guide
Text (.PDF)Data (.ZIP)
  Contents (56 kB)    
1. Introduction to ILWIS 3.0 (697 kB) Chapter 1 (615 kB)
2. Main concepts of ILWIS 3.0 (692 kB) Chapter 2 (787 kB)
3. Spatial data input (674 kB) Chapter 3 (9 kB)
4. Spatial data management (393 kB) Chapter 4 (all)
- Most data
- Ikonos image
- w100s10.dem
(63.9 MB)
(6.6 MB)
(48 MB)
(8.9 MB)
5. Attribute data handling (762 kB) Chapter 5 (120 kB)
6. Image Processing (1.3 MB) Chapter 6 (2.6 MB)
7. Spatial data analysis: retrieval, (re)classification and measurement operations (582 kB) Chapter 7 (1.8 MB)
8. Spatial data analysis: overlay operations (454 kB) Chapter 8 (1.0 MB)
9. Spatial data analysis: neighbourhood and connectivity operations (201 kB) Chapter 9 (1.1 MB)
10. Using Digital Elevation Models (414 kB) Chapter 10 (1.4 MB)
11. Spatial data analysis: geostatistical tools (258 kB) Chapter 11 (196 kB)
12. Advanced spatial data analysis: command line, functions and scripts (110 kB) Chapter 12 (1.2 MB)
13. Presentation of results (586 kB) Chapter 13 (5.0 MB)
  Index (32 kB)    
  Complete ILWIS 3.0 User's Guide (all text as .ZIP, 5.7 MB)    
  How to use the ILWIS 3.0 User's Guide with ILWIS 3.1 (.PDF, 2 kB)    


Tips on the use of PDF and ZIP files

By simply clicking the links in the table above, you can:

  • Directly view text of an individual chapter of the ILWIS 3.0 User's Guide on your screen as a .PDF file.
  • Download text of an individual chapter of the ILWIS 3.0 User's Guide as a .PDF file.
    To view or print the contents of a .PDF file, you need to have installed Acrobat Reader.
  • Download text of all chapters of the ILWIS 3.0 User's Guide as a .ZIP file.
    The .ZIP file contains all .PDF files of the ILWIS 3.0 User's Guide.
  • Download data of exercises described in a chapter of the ILWIS 3.0 User's Guide as a .ZIP file.
    A data .ZIP file contains all ILWIS maps and tables to start the exercises of a ILWIS 3.0 User's Guide chapter.
    To extract files from a .ZIP file after a download, you need to have installed WinZip.

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