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Anchored in many research projects and training activities, ILWIS has a rich development history and wide user base amongst geo-information professionals. The new ILWIS 4 is a modular GIS and RS software platform, which emphasizes ease of use, customization and integration with third-party software. This facilitates researchers and students to easily document and share their methods via software, in addition to their written documents, and it alleviates the setup of training materials.

ILWIS 4 contains a desktop application, which is highly interactive, based on drag-and-drop, map thumbnails and rich catalog functionality. The framework behind ILWIS 4 is called ILWIS-Objects, which supports the extension of functionality by means of Python scripts or by creating new -so called- connectors to new data formats, other programming languages or software libraries.

Start learning and using ILWIS here. Please note, this is an early access release.

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