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In June 2008, 52°North opened the competition for the first 52° Innovation Prize for Geoinformatics. This prize was designed to encourage students to contribute to the development and practical realization of innovative concepts in the field of geoinformatics. Due to the number of applicants and the high quality of proposals, the jury awarded the following prizes:

  1. First prize: Thorsten Deelmann and Martin Wilden from the Institute for Geoinformatics in Muenster, Germany for their proposal "Prioritizing tasks for a Web Processing Service". The jury was impressed by this innovative approach of prioritizing tasks and, if necessary, manually controlling job execution. This approach, in contrast to the common "first come - first serve" paradigm, allows a more flexible handling of the WPS especially in time-critical applications and emergency management cases. It also creates the foundations for new business models based on standardized SDI processing components.
  2. Second prize: Victor Gonzales Cortés from the Universidad Politécnica in Valencia, Spain for his proposal "SQL Script Profile for 52°North WPS-T". The extension of the WPS with non-imperative programming language concepts such as SQL is a novel, as well as practical idea. The novelty lies in using SQL scripts as a profile to describe WPS processes, the practicality is that this enables access to complex models via simple interfaces.
  3. The special award for applied open source development: Amos Kabo-Bah and Yin Zun from the International Institute for GIS and Earth Observation (ITC) in Enschede, the Netherlands for their proposal "Developing a GUI for Modelling the Water Quality of the 52°North Dinkel River". This proposal paves the way for the creation of one of the first plug-ins to the new ILWIS 3.5 Open modular software setup. The water quality plug-in will set the scene for more ILWIS plug-ins as part of a growing interoperable community of open source tools for geoprocessing, visualization and web dissemination.

First prize was endowed with 3500,- EUR, second prize with 2500,- EUR and the winners of the special award received a total of 2500,- EUR. In addition, each prize provided the winnres with the unique opportunity to work with 52°North academics on-site to develop prototypical implementation of their concepts.

The student researchers presented their concepts and project results to a broader audience at the Institute for Geoinformatics' GIForum. Dr. Andreas Wytzisk, jury member and 52°North CEO, presented the awards.

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