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WPS Technologies for Integrated Assessment Modelling in Urban Areas


22.01. - 24.01.
Events in 2014


The Public Research Centre Henri Tudor organizes a technical workshop as part of the WG1 of COST Action TU 0902. Software and WPS standard developers, as well as, integrated assessment modellers are invited to discuss and advance current open source software projects to enable the scientific community to integrate models and make these models and their results accessible via web-based platforms and frameworks to decision makers, e.g. cities and relevant stakeholders. This will ensure a more integrated approach for evidence informed decision making. The workshop takes place from January 22 - 24, 2014 at the Resource Centre for Environmental Technologies (CRTE), Public Research Centre Henri Tudor in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg. Benjamin Proß und Matthias Müller discuss the WPS standard and protocol.

Wednesday, January 22

  • The WPS standard and protocol, version 2.0 – what lies ahead

Thursday, January 23

  • Integrated web based modelling: use case with 52°North WPS

Friday, January 24

  • The future of WPS for integrated modelling - discussion

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