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ifgicopter Projects

This projects bundles the implementation outcomes of the ifgicopter project.
Several software components have been developed during diploma/master/bachelor thesis.


Sensor Platform Framework

A framework to integrate different (mobile) multi-sensor platform into the Sensor Web.
Currently it features the integration of a Mikrokopter as a data source and the Sensor Bus as an output mechanism.


A communcation library for establishing connections to a Mikrokopter using Java. It is capable of processing incoming raw commands, decoding them (including checksum verification), creating objects from these commands and forwarding it to registered listeners.
Sending of commands to the Mikrokopter is implemented as well.


Rieke, M., T. Foerster & A. Broering (2011): Unmanned Aerial Vehicles as Mobile Multi-sensor Platforms.
AGILE 2011: The 14th AGILE International Conference on Geographic Information Science. 18.-21. April 2011. Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Code Manager

In charge of the ifgicopter quality management and in control of its source code is:

  • Matthes Rieke

Contributing Developers

  • Matthes Rieke