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Sensor Web Client

The application formerly known as ThinSWEClient has been renamed to Sensor Web Client. This better reflects the actual intent of the client to be the exploration and visualisation portal for a generic Sensor Web, not just the OGC SWE concepts. Major achievements of the new version are internal refactorings resulting in easier to maintain code and installation process as well as a hugely improved user interface.

The client was presented with great success at the CeBIT trade fair which took place in Hannover, March 2012. The software was taken as a show case for near real-time data integration into the GDI-DE Geoportal, the official German geospatial data infrastructure. In constellation with the Apps4Deutschland award winning PEGELONLINE data service, it was used to demonstrate interoperable data visualisations across political borders.

Go ahead and try out the yourself.

For detailed information including how to further develop the client, and build it on your own respectively, visit the Twiki site of the Sensor Web Client.