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Sensor Web Community

52°North's Sensor Web community focuses on the development of a broad range of services to enable the realization of Sensor Web infrastructures.

Sensor Web infrastructures are setup to access real-time data observed by sensors. Thereby, sensors range from simple weather stations over satellites to complex 'virtual' sensors such as simulations. The Sensor Web also provides means to task and control such sensors, as well as to retrieve events and alerts triggered through sensors.

All those functionalitites of the Sensor Web are provided in an interoperable way - meaning that services implement standardized interfaces developed by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and its Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) initiative.

A comprehensive introduction into the architectural background of the OGC SWE framework can be found here. A profound survey article describing the current state of the art of SWE technology can be found here.

To realize Sensor Web functionality, 52°North bundles developer capacities and develops different Sensor Web services and multiple client applications (see project links below). Please have a look at the demo page to get an idea of what our Sensor Web components can do.

Service Projects

  • SOS (Sensor Observation Service): provides access to sensor information (SensorML) and measured sensor observations (O&M)
  • SAS (Sensor Alert Service): enables real-time alerting using a pub/sub paradigm
  • SES (Sensor Event Service): an enhancement and the further development of the SAS
  • SPS (Sensor Planning Service): tasks sensors or sensor systems
  • WNS (Web Notification Service): supports asynchronous notification of sensor events (tasks, observation of phenomena)
  • Discovery - services for discovering sensors and service instances

SWE Client Projects

  • Sensor Web Client web-based client allowing the visualisation of near-realtime sensor data
  • ArcGIS SOS Extension this extension for the widely used ArcGIS software enables the usage of the SOS
  • sos4R an extension for the R environment for statistical computing and analysis to access Sensor Observation Services
  • SOS.js - a plain Javascript client for SOS
  • JS Sensor Web Client - a plain Javascript client working together with the Timeseries API
  • OX-Framework software framework which enables easy usage of SWE services and data encodings
  • Rich OX Client Java-Swing frontend for the OX-Framework which allows access to SOS, SAS, SES and SPS

Incubator Projects

  • Sensor World - a simultaion environment for sensors and phenomenon distribution
  • Sensor Bus - an intermediary layer for an easy integration of sensors and the Sensor Web
  • SIDs (Sensor Interface Descriptors): describe the interface of your sensor and easily integrate it with the Sensor Web
  • ifgicopter - software components for unmanned aerials vehicles