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52°North Security

Welcome to the 52°North Security project.


The 52°North Security Project developes open source solutions for security problems relateted to the geo domain.

52°North Security Community

The Security Community focuses on the enhancement of existing and the development of future security components for spatial data infrastructures (SDI). Currently, the Web Security Service (WSS) and the Web Authentication Service (WAS) are the two components providing functionality to add basic access control to SDI services. WSS and WAS specifications and prototypes were developed during the GDI NRW Initiative's second testbed in 2002.


  • Core API

    It contains all common classes and utils, wich are shared between the client-api and the services-api modules.

  • Client API

    It is focused on the client side of a communication channel and contains the proxy classes used for communication with the services defined in the service-api module.

  • Service API

    It defines all classes needed to setup security services. Until now it contains classes for authentication, enforcment and policy descison.

  • Facade API

    It contains classes for a special kind of service. A security facade is a service wich behaves like a normal SDI service (e.g. WMS), but it has also a user interface for authentication. So it works like a security wrapper, enables the use of a security infrastructure also for non security enabled clients.