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OGC TC Meeting


19.03. - 23.03.
Events in 2012


The first OGC TC Meeting in 2012 takes place in Austin Texas, from March 19 - 23, 2012. 52°North and partners continue their active participation in the OGC standaradization process and participate in the "Internet of Things - Sensor Adhoc Workshop", the SWE Domain Working Group, Geoservices REST API Standards Working Group and OWS-9 RFQ Clarification meeting. Geoprocessing Community Leader and WPS 2.0 SWG Chair Bastian Schäffer presents a WPS Best Practice Paper in the WPS 2.0 SWG and steers the Working Group towards finalis Meetingzing the WPS 2.0 Specification. As Co-chair of the Workflow Domain Working Group, he also presents a WPS profile example and blueprint.

Please have a look at the current agenda.

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