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Triturus is a Java-based framework designed to support the development of software applications in the field of 3D geo-visualization. The scope of Triturus may be terrain modeling, landscape planning, civil engineering or sensor web – just to mention some examples. Any other field dealing with geo-information visualized using three geometrical coordinate-axes (x, y, and z) is within the project's scope.

 Triturus White Paper 3D

Triturus is composed of the following software components

  • Triturus Core:  a Java-based software framework (Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.5 or higher). Applications built on top of Triturus can be deployed on Windows and UNIX/LINUX systems.

  • 52N terrainServer: a "Triturus inside" application. Using the Triturus core, this Web application provides an implementation of the OGC Web Terrain Service (OGC-WTS) interface to visualize an elevation model (relief) with a Web map (OGC-WMS) serving as drape texture (so-called "level-of-detail 0 model"). A perspective map view can be generated for a given camera postion.

  • 52N terrainViewer: a Web application acting as client application for Web Terrain Services. This interactive viewer provides a user interface to generate perspective WTS views generated by the Triturus terrainServer.

More information can be found on the 3D Wiki pages.

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