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The 3D Community focuses on creating applications and services which visualize 3 dimensional geo-objects using the software framework Triturus (pronounced "tritoorus").

The community's vision is to establish a creative surrounding, which allows efficient and sustainable development of innovative software solutions in the context of 3d modeling and 3d geovisualization.

The scope of Triturus may be terrain modeling, landscape planning, civil engineering or sensor web – just to mention some examples. Any other field dealing with geo-information visualized using three geometrical coordinate-axes (x, y, and z) is within the project's scope.

Development goals are:

  • to provide a surrounding for 3D geovisualization tasks, broadly usable in different fields
  • to have open ended software that is easily extensible
  • to be compatible to existing standards in the context of geo object modeling and computer graphics (OGC, ISO, W3C).

Characteristics of the framework:

  • Development platform: Java (Windows and linux/unix)
  • Rendering pipeline (filter, mapper, renderer) as the reference model
  • Abstraction of concrete (geo-)datasources and renderers through interfaces
  • Integration of basic I/O-classes and renderers (3d realtime rendering and ray tracing)
  • Freely available implementation examples using this framework: Web Terrain Service (OGC-WTS for LOD 0), profile service for the generation of terrain cross sections, web application for WTS visualization using OGC-WMS as drape texture.

A White paper is available which explains the basic concepts underlying the framework, as well as the underlying design philosophy. Moreover, it describes the first applications built on top of the framework.

Check out the 3D Wiki pages for more information.


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