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52n-ses-1.2.2-binary-and-source 52n-ses-1.2.2-binary-and-source

The 1.2.2 release of the 52N Sensor Event Service (SES) introduces a couple of new features and bug fixes. SES 1.2.2 is a binary and source release.

The Sensor Event Service (SES) is used to provide a publish/subscribe based access to not only sensor measurements but several other data formats (e.g. aviation-specific data). It also provides methods to dynamically register new data publishers and send notifications to the service. The SES specification is currently available as an OGC discussion paper (OGC 08-133). Changes in this version include several minor bug fixes and new features:

  • Stream persistency: allow consistent states of events streams between service restarts
  • Initial pattern matching for overshoot and undershoot style subscriptions


Created2015-01-09 09:11:18
Size59.93 MB
Language English
LicenseGNU/GPLV2.0 external


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