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arj.png 52n-jsClient-1.0.0


The 52°North JavaScript SOS Client 1.0 is a lightweight browser client to display time series and metadata of one or more Sensor Observation Services.

Created: 2015-04-10 13:06:29
Size: 405.18 KB
Downloads: 1,531
License: APACHEV2.0 external
zip.png 52n-sensorwebclient-3.1.0-release


The SensorWebClient provides easy access to time series data stored within Sensor Observation Services (SOS). A measuring station can easily be picked from a map and discovered by station's metadata. After a station has been chosen, the measured data can be interactively reviewed in a diagram. Combining multiple time series is also possible.

The Sensor Web Client can be used as an event subscription manager where users can subscribe to certain events to receive automatic notification messages via e-mail as soon as they occur.

Created: 2013-03-22 09:28:20
Size: 102.14 MB
Downloads: 2,073
License: GNU/GPLV2.0 external

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