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Esri  -  ArcGIS Server for SOS and SOE extension

Time frame: 07.2011 to 02.2012

Website: n/a

Description: The design and implementation of a Sensor Observation Service (SOS) for ArcGIS Server and a geodatabase model for O&M and sensor data which allows the European Environmental Agency (EEA) to fulfill its needs for sensor data access. EEA integrates the solution into its BizTalk environment and further extends the ArcGIS Server Sensor Observation Server through a SWE Adapter to adhere to OGC's SWE specifications. EEA and EIONET contributors will implement the ArcGIS based SWE adapter as a community process. Sensor data will be accessible not only through the ArcGIS Server Sensor Observation Service, but through the whole range of REST, OGC and SOAP interfaces that ArcGIS Server provides.

Commissioned/Funded by: Esri Inc.


Contact: Simon Jirka (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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