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Fixed Point Open Ocean Observatory

Time frame: 09.2013 to 08.2017


Description: The The Fixed point Open Ocean Observatory network seeks to integrate European open ocean fixed point observatories and to improve access to these key installations for the broader community. These will provide multidisciplinary observations in all parts of the oceans from the air-sea interface to the deep seafloor. The project focuses on

  • coordination activities
    • integrate and harmonize current procedures and processes,
    • link community across academia, industry, policy and public through outreach, knowledge exchange and training
  • support actions to offer
    • access to observatory infrastructures
    • free and open data services and products
  • joint research activities to innovate and enhance the current capability for multidisciplinary in situ ocean observation.

Commissioned/Funded by: European Commission - FP7


Contact: Simon Jirka (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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