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Time frame: 01.2010 to 06.2010


Description: Within the OWS-7 project the 52North Sensor Web community is involved in the development of event architecture components for the Sensor Web. Also, we are involved in the development of an SOS for motion imagery data.

The Sensor Web Community contributed to two main areas of work. 52N provided an implementation of an SOS for motion imagery data including metadata necessary for georeferencing. This SOS is used by other OWS-7 partners who perform change detection on video stream. In the Aviation thread, 52N contributed to the development of Event Architecture components, which IfGI has defined as concepts. The Geoprocessing Community provided a WPS service for feature and statistical analysis. A prototype, which has several processes with elementary vector GIS functionality, was delivered. The WPS was used by ESRI and Intergraph integrated clients.

Commissioned/Funded by: Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc.


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