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TU Dresden submits Geoprocessing AppStore to Apps4DE competition


The Technische Universitaet Dresden recently submitted an idea for a Geoprocessing AppStore to the nationwide competition "Apps 4 Deutschland". This competition seeks ideas and operational software to unfold the use of open data provided by public authorities. It aims to showcase the value of public sector information and to leverage the discussion about open data in Germany.

In order to process increasingly larger amounts of free open geodata, the TU Dresden works with 52°North to create a so-called Geoprocessing AppStore. The goal is to develop a versatile tool box of of algorithms for processing geodata. This "market place" enables developers and users of free geoprocessing algorithms to meet and publicize, search for, execute and download free algorithms for processing and analyzing geodata.

This AppStore will help citizens, companies, decision makers as well as society take advantage of the enormous added value of free open geodata.

more information about the Geoprocessing AppStore here...

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