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OSM2NetworkDataset 1.1 available


The Geoprocessing Community announces a new release of OSM2NetworkDataset! Version 1.1 now supports ArcGIS 10.0, as well as ArcGIS 9.3.1. New features include restrictions for tracktype, smoothness, surface, and maxwidth.

The Java application OSM2NetworkDataset converts OpenStreetMap (OSM) data so it can be used for network analyses in the ArcGIS extension Network Analyst. It is designed to generate transportation networks for any mode of transportation and any region. The generated networks are based on OSM attributes, such as restrictions, one-way roads, turn restrictions, point barriers, and maximum speed. The path can be chosen according to the shortest distance or the shortest time with user defined average speed settings.

download OSM2NetworkDataset 1.1 for ArcGIS...
more information about the OSM2NetworkDataset here...

The Geoprocessing Community has recently set up a new OSM2NetworkDataset public mailing list and a forum. Users and developers alike can post questions and/or information about current developments. Please feel free to register.

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