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52°North activities @ OGC TC Meeting


At the recent OGC TC meeting in Brüssels, 52°North partners shared their expertise in the Sensor Web Enablement, Geoprocessing, GeoServices REST, and other related Working Groups, thus contributing to the further development of interoperable standards for SDIs.

Arne Bröring (Sensor Web Community) presented 52°North's new SOS extension for the GeoServices REST API. This extension is based on ArcGIS Server 10.1 and embeds the functionality of a Sensor Observation Service (SOS) into the GeoServices REST API (see SOS extension for GeoServices REST API based on ArcGIS Server). He also introduced the Sensebox Project - a Web of Things application. Recommendations for bringing the Internet (Web) of Things field together with the standardization efforts at OGC were also well received (see SenseBox & standardization recommendations for the Internet of Things).

In the SWE DWG, members accepted the proposed Discussion Paper 11-169 "Lightweight SOS Profile for Stationary In-Situ Sensors" (Jirka, S.; Bröring, A. & C. Stasch). It will soon be published on the OGC Website. This paper presents a simplified, but OGC conform approach to using SWE for stationary in-situ sensors. Simon Jirka (Sensor Web Community Leader) hopes that it will stimulate discussion about a lightweight SWE profile. In the Hydrology DWG, he presented the activities planned within the GEOWOW project. Together with KISTERS, the Bundesanstalt für Gewässerkunde (BfG), and the University of Bonn, 52°North hopes to develop a Hydrology Profile for the SOS.

Geoprocessing Community Leader Bastian Schäffer presented a survey on WPS Profiles in the Workflow DWG. The survey demonstrated how the various vendors deal differently with this topic. The working group reached consensus on certain elements of a WPS profile on a syntactic and semantic basis. Some simple profiles will be developed for the next TC meeting. In the Geoservices REST SWG, he demonstrated an implementation of the Geometry Service as wrapper of an existing 52North WPS . He also chaired the WPS 2.0 SWG, in which concensus was reached on various topics. These included the common use of mime types and the handling of WMS/WFS/WCS output in WPS services.

Overall it was a successful TC meeting!

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