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QUAlity aware VIsualisation for the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS)

Time frame: 02.2011 to 01.2014


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Description: GeoViQua (the contraction of GEOSS Visualization and Quality) will take environmental data from international organizations like FAO, the World Meteorological Organization, or the European Environment Agency and will provide methodologies to enhance data documentation, formalizing quality parameters and metrics, and extracting them from data sources, validation procedures, or even through expert users’ comments.

Time frame: 12.2012 to 04.2013

Website: n/a

Description: Development of procedures for harvesting extreme events data from various sources to a spatial database, systematic detection of extreme meteorological events, and visualization of the extreme events dataset in an interactive web client. The software and libraries used in this project are: PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Quantum GIS, ExtJS, GeoExt, OpenLayers

Uncertaintiy enabled model web

Time Frame: 02.2010 – 01.2013

Web Site:

Description: UncertWeb develops the science and technology to make the uncertainty enabled model web a reality. The model web concept requires that resources, and in particular models are exposed as web services which can be discovered and combined, or chained, to produce complex, multi-component models.


Time frame: 08.2011 – 12.2011

Website: n/a

Description: The exisitingGIS-based data collection of extreme events should be extended and a Web application für visualizing the data set developed. The Web application should enable national wetter services to search the data set for specific events and make use of the information.

Interoperability and Automated mapping

Time frame:  09.2006 - 08.2009


Description: The INTAMAP project is a project for development of an interoperable framework for real time automatic mapping of critical environmental variables by extending spatial statistical methods and employing open, web-based, data exchange and visualisation tools. It is a project that has created a web processing service for the automatic interpolation of sensor observation data.The project can be seen to consist several parts which includes the statistical back-end, implemented in R, web processing service to allow interoperability with OGC based web services, and a web and standalone clients that permit easy access to the system.


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