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Category: Toolbox.dll Updates
zip.png dll ILWIS 3.8.0


This zip file replaces the EO-Toolbox.dll and EO-Toolbox.dll.manifest files so that the Toolbox can work with ILWIS 3.8.

Toolbox installation

Copy the zip file "" in the ILWIS subdirectory /Extensions and unzip the file. Now copy the "dll" and the "manifest" file into the respective "Toolbox" directory and overwrite the existing "dll" and "manifest" files.

Start ILWIS 3.8 and see if the box appears under the "Operations-Tree".

Download Installation information as pdf file.

Created: 2012-06-19 10:15:07
Size: 190.84 KB
Downloads: 1,372
License: GNU/GPLV2.0 external

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