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04.09. - 08.09.
Events in 2017


The INSPIRE Conference 2017 takes place from September 6 - 8, 2017 in Strasbourg, France. Th pre-conference workshops take place from September 4 - 5, 2017 in Kehl, Germany. This year's focus is "INSPIRE a digital Europe: Thinking out of the box". 52°North experts particpate in workshops and give presentations about INSPIRE with Sensor Web technology and Geoprocessing functionality.


Monday, September 4

09:00  Integration of O&M data in the INSPIRE SDI - Benefits, challenges and prospects (Katharina Schleidt et al.)


Friday, September 8

INSPIRE thinking out of the box - Room: Madrid II

09:45    Enhancing INSPIRE Infrastructures with Data Processing Functionality (Christoph Stasch, Benjamin Pross and Simon Jirka)

Technologies and tools for Copernicus - Room: Madrid I

11:30    Sensor Web Technology: Interoperable Delivery of Copernicus In-Situ Observation Data (Simon Jirka)

Technologies and tools - Room: Amsterdam

15:00    NeXOS: INSPIRE Compliant Data Flows from Marine Observation Platforms into Spatial Data Infrastructures (Simon Jirka et al.)


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