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Web Notification Service (WNS)

The Web Notification Service provides asynchronous notification of sensor events (tasks, observation of phenomena).

52°North's WNS V2-00-00 has successfully completed 52°North's quality assurance testing. Changes and additions to this version include:

  • adaptation to the current OGC discussion paper (OGC 06-095) which comprises the current specifications
  • upgrade to Java 6.0
  • update MultiUser registration with a MulitUser

    This Java Servlet executes and manages message dialogues between a client and one or more Web Services for long asychronous processes. Acting as a protocol transducer, it translates the incoming XML encoded messages to email (SMTP), short message service (SMS), fax, phone, HTTP POST and XMPP. A SingleUser and/or MultiUser can register to receive either a notification message (one-way message) or a communication message (response to the message received is expected).

    The 52°North WNS can be used by at least two other services. The 52°North Sensor Planning Service (SPS) uses the WNS to communicate between the SPS and the sensor user. The 52°North Sensor Alert Service (SAS) sends messages to the WNS when the messages should be received offline, i.e. on a device not connected to the internet.

The typical workflow for the WNS is shown in the following figure: