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Design Documentation

The design of the 52°North Sensor Observation Service is based on a 4-tier web architecture as shown in the figure below.

The lowest layer encapsulates the access of databases and/or -sources. The sources of sensor data are very heterogeneous and range from simple text files to very complex data models. To enable the user to use different data sources, the data access for each operation is implemented using the Data Access Object (DAO) pattern. This enables the user to easily adjust the 52°North SOS to already existing sensor databases or -sources through a new or changed implementation of the DAO implementations. By default the 52°North SOS uses as PostGIS database to store the observation values and corresponding meta data.

The central component of the Buiness Logic Layer is the RequestOperator. It receives requests from the Presentation Layer, validates the request and forwards the request to the appropriate OperationListener. The 52°North SOS contains Listeners for each supported operation, which are defined in an external config file. All Listeners implement a common interface. If you want to support an additional operation, all you have to do is to implement the Operation Listener, implement the corresponding DAO and add the Listener in the config file. The Business Logic Tier contains several other components, e.g. components for parsing/encoding responses.

The Presentation Layer of the 52°North SOS consists simply of a Servlet, which handles HTTP requests and responses. If you want to support other protocols, you have to replace this Servlet with another class for communication.