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The OX-Framework (short for Ogc web service aXess Framework>) is a generic software framework which addresses the needs of application developers who want to access and use OGC Web Services, and in particular Sensor Web services.

The OX-Framework can be used as a basis for different application types: this can be thin, thick, or mobile client applications, as well as server applications that need to access OGC Web Services. Client applications developed based on the OX-Framework are described here. Server applications developed based on the OX-Framework are described here.

The primary aim of the OX-Framework is to provide an architecture which is flexible and extendable enough so that the various kinds of OGC Web Services (OWS) can be easily accessed and the queried data can be processed. The connection to the OWS is realized by a so-called service-connector component. These components can be implemented for any type of OGC Web Service. New service-connectors can be added to the system as plug-ins. Thus developers are able to dynamically customize and extend the framework. Below, you find a list of the currently available service-connector implementations and their capabilities.

Currently available Service-Connectors

  • WMS-Connector:

    Supported specification versions: 1.0.0, 1.1.0 and 1.1.1

  • WCS-Connector:

    Supported specification versions: 1.0.0 and 1.1.1

  • SOS-Connector:

    Supported service versions: 1.0.0

    The sensor data has to be encoded in the format specified in the Observations & Measurements specification (version 1.0 and 0.0.0 are supported).

    By the means of this connector different visualizations of sensor data can be generated; e.g.:

    • Standalone time series charts
    • Standalone scatterplot charts
    • Small charts in a map
    • Map interpolations
    • Temporal animations of map visualizations
  • SAS-Connector

    Supported specification versions: 0.9.0 (current version which is in RFC process)

    Currently available Applications


Broering, A., E.H. Jürrens, S. Jirka & C. Stasch (2009): Development of Sensor Web Applications with Open Source Software. (Best Paper Award). Proceedings of: First OSGIS UK Conference. June 22. 2009. Nottingham, UK.

Code Manager

In charge of the OX-Framework's quality management and in control of its source code is:

  • Henning Bredel

Contributing Developers