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The Sensor Web Community's envisions enabling real time integration of heterogeneous sensor webs into the information infrastructure, by:

  • quickly discovering sensors (private or public) that can meet needs regarding location, observables, quality and ability to task
  • obtaining sensor information in an understandable standard encoding
  • readily accessing sensor observations in a common manner and in a form based on specifc needs
  • tasking sensors, when possible, to meet specific needs
  • subscribing to and receiving alerts when a sensor measures a particular phenomenon.

Our Mission is to help build the Sensor Web as a global infrastructure for observation data while acknowledging the "locality" of some sensor networks. We strive to achieve this by

  • investigating the Sensor Web building blocks
  • advancing the architecture models for geosensor networks
  • creating more autonomy within the sensor networks
  • supporting the standardization process to ensure interoperability between Sensor Web components.