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The JavaMK library is a communication api for the Mikrokopter UAV. It is capable of processing incoming raw commands, decode them (including checksum verification) and create objects from these commands. A java class can register itself at the MKDataHandler for receiving any incoming commands.

The MKDataHandler can also be used to send commands to the Mikrokopter. Refer to the JavaDoc API for a complete overview of implemented incoming and outgoing commands.


To use the JavaMK library put it on the classpath of your project. RXTX and commons-logging need also to be included in the classpath (both are part of the release). To get it working properly you have to put the native RXTX library fitting your operating system on the native library path (e.g. java -classpath <your-classpath> -Djava.library.path=lib/native/64 org.package.YourApp).

Inside your application just instantiate MKDataHandler(String port) using the COM port you want to connect the MKUSB to. Use this instance to register an implementation of ICommandListener with the registerCommandListener() method.

public void initCommunication() {
        //the port, you could also get it from config or gui
        String newPort = "COM1";

        this.mkDataHandler = new MKDataHandler(newPort);
        if (!this.mkDataHandler.isReady()) {
                System.err.println("Error while opening COM port "+ newPort);
public void sendCommand() {
        //send the MK to a target position
        this.mkDataHandler.sendCommand(new SendTargetPositionCommand(51.9, 7.87, 40, 5));
//method from interface ICommandListener
public void processCommand(CommandReceive recv) {
        if (recv instanceof FollowMeData) {
                FollowMeData fmd = (FollowMeData) recv;
                 * GPS data
                HashMap<String, Object> data = new HashMap<String, Object>();
                data.put("latitude", fmd.getWaypoint().getPosition().getLatitude() / 1E7);
                data.put("longitude", fmd.getWaypoint().getPosition().getLongitude() / 1E7);
                data.put("altitude", fmd.getWaypoint().getPosition().getAltitude() / 1E3);
                data.put(TIME_IDENTIFIER, fmd.getSystemTime());



Current Release

  • JavaMK 0.1 (including RXTX for Linux/Windows/Mac, 32-Bit and 64-Bit)

Release Archiv

  • N/A


Source code

The sources of JavaMK are managed using Apache Maven 2.2.1. Instructions on how to use Maven can be found here.


Matthes Rieke, Author of this software:

Code Manager

In charge of the JavaMK quality management and in control of its source code is:

  • Matthes Rieke

Contributing Developers

  • Matthes Rieke