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The community's demo server provides services and clients in different versions and with several datasets for live testing. Visit http://sensorweb.demo.52north.org/.


Below you find a list of videos demonstrating various software components we've developed in our research projects.

  • ArcGIS Server SOS Extension (Video)

    This video presents the key features and explains some background of our ArcGIS Server SOS Extension. This extension enables the ArcGIS Server to become compliant to the OGC Sensor Observation Service.

  • Integration of Sensor Data in NASA Worldwind (Video on Youtube)

    This application makes the data coming form a Sensor Observation Service available and viewable in the NASA Worldwind virtual globe.

  • SOS Web Form (Video)

    This demo video shows our easy to use web form which enables you to execute the different operations of the Sensor Observation Service (SOS). Besides the retrieval of data it allows as well the insertion of observation - not only numerical but also textual.

  • Live Sensor Data Visualisation

    This video presents the SensorVis plug-in for the Sensor Platform Framework (SPF), a real-time visualisation and interpolation environment for mobile sensors. We demonstrate data collection using the ifgicopter UAV, 3D visualisation based on NASA World Wind for Java and interpolation using the INTAMAP service. The video is available in 720p (medium quality) and 1080p (high quality) resolutions.

  • Hostage-Taking Scenario

    This use case was developed within the OWS-6 project. It shows an emergency scenario where terrorists take hostages in a camera surveilled building. A Sensor Planning Service is used for controlling the cameras to film the intruders and a Sensor Observation Service is utilized to retrieve the video feed. Please view the introduction video and afterwards the application of the web services.