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Please be aware that the uDig SOS Plugin developments are discontinued.

uDig SOS Plugin

uDig is a Desktop GIS written in Java and based on the eclipse platform. It is a free and open source software project driven by Refractions Research. This application adds the ability to the uDig system to access sensor data served by Sensor Observation Services. On the one hand this application allows access of the features of interest observed by the sensors of an SOS. Those features can be displayed in the map view by adding a new layer to uDig. On the other hand it is possible to visualized the observation data served by the SOS in a table view as shown in the figure below.

An overview of the architectural design of the application is given in the figure below. The OX-Framework is used to build the uDig plugin. The functionalities to access the SOS, unmarshal queried data and render visualizations are provided by the framework and reused by the application.

Future steps in the development of this project are the implementation of temporal filter mechanisms. This will enable the users to visualize data for specified time spans.


Name Date Link
52n_uDig-SOS-Plugin_V1(11RC14).zip 2009-11-23 download

Code Manager

In charge of the quality management and source code control of the uDig SOS Plugin is:

  • Carsten Priess

Contributing Developers

  • Martin Kiesow