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Sensor Web Client

The "Sensor Web Client" (formaly known as ThinSweClient) is a web-based client application which offers an easy to use interface to generate graphs from near-realtime sensor data. The client hides technical details of SWE services and protocols, so that even non-experts can use components of the Sensor Web transparantly. To enable maximal platform independence the client is developed as a web-based browser application, making use of newest web technologies such as asynchronous client/server communication.

The client is capable of loading multiple time series from multiple SOS instances. Sensor data can be displayed as graphs and exported as varies formats. A table of contents shows information about color and hatching settings of the displayed measurement series and offers options to manipulate the visualisation. The application allows exploring sensor metadata and "saving" current view as permalink.


Different versions are available, including an experts version (Version 2.0) and a version for the general public which hides technical terms and concepts of the Sensor Web (Version 3.0). Development of Version 1.0 is discontinued.

Code Manager

In charge of the quality management and source code control of the browser-based SWE clients is:

  • Henning Bredel

Contributing Developers