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ArcGIS SOS Extension

This extension allows coupling OGC Sensor Observation Service instances to ArcGIS. This makes it possible to load real-time as well as historic time-series data. Once the data has been downloaded, users are able to apply the full range of ArcGIS processing and visualization capabilities.

The ArcGIS SOS plug-in is the result of a joint project conducted by ESRI and 52°North. This project started within the Climate Challenge Integration Plugfest (CCIP) at the FOSS4G 2009 conference which took place in October 2009.

At the moment the ArcGIS SOS plug-in is in its beta testing phase. As soon as a stable release is available we will put further download instructions on this web site.

Please note: The SOS Extension requires the presence of the Arc Hydro tool set within your ArcGIS installation.


A demo video of the ArcGIS SOS extension can be found here.

Code Manager

In charge of the quality management and source code control of the ArcGIS SOS Extension is:

  • Henning Bredel