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amused - Apache Muse Derivate

Amused is a fork of the discontinued Apache Muse Project. The Sensor Event Service started to integrate this framework in a very early stage. Certainly, Muse got retired officially in 2010 and we decided to maintain the source code and improve it by fixing bugs and incorporate enhancements.

OASIS Web Services / WS-* Implementation

Amused provides a Java implementation of the OASIS standards family for Web Services Notification (WS-N), including WS-Brokered Notification, WS-Topics and WS-Resource Framework (WSRF). It uses SOAP 1.2 for message transportation.

Code Base

The code base for the fork is the official Apache Muse release version 2.2.0. Our source repository provides a tag of this version.

The module structure stayed generally the same, but we applied new naming and did some adjustments to meet Maven 3.x requirements.


Version 1.0.0

You can use the following Maven pom.xml snippets to include the artifacts into your project:

<dependencies> <!-- example of core + wsn -->

You will need the 52°North releases repository defined in your pom.xml as well:

                <name>52n Releases</name>

Snapshots / Nightly Builds

Snapshots of the current development trunk are available at our maven repository.

Code Manager

  • Matthes Rieke


  • Matthes Rieke
  • Former Apache Muse contributors