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Policy-based Access Control

With police-based access control, you define users and their permissions for resources of one of the supported OGC Web Services types: WMS, WFS, WPS, SOS.

The basic approach...

The User Guide contains all information you need to protect one of the supported service types by just installing the Web Security Service (WSS) web application.

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Delegate authentication...

You have already heard of WAS, WSS, and WSC?

These are the core components of the security infrastructure we implement in the 52°North Security Community and and are mainly used in more complex scenarios, where integration into existing infrastructures like portals matters.

  • WAS (Web Authentication Service): Authenticate users and return a SAML ticket
  • WSS (Web Security Service): Restrict access to your OGC Web Service
  • WSC.Web (Web Security Client for the Web): Portal integration and easy access to protected services from anywhere

Deploying these components in their current versions will enable you to

  • authenticate users by means of username and password based on user information stored in an XML file
  • protect layers of OGC Web Mapping Services from unauthorized access, including simple spatial restricions for GetFeatureInfo requests
  • access protected service with any standard WMS client