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smartEditor v. 2.1.6

New Features

  • Highlighted mandatory fields
  • Sticky error messages
  • Enhanced performance for multi-elements
  • Enhanced GUI for GEMET browser
  • Date formatting according to browser locale
  • REST interface switched to Jersey
  • jQuery version upgraded to 1.7.2
  • jQuery UI version upgraded to 1.8.11
  • Spring version upgraded to 3.0.6.RELEASE
  • Hibernate version upgraded to 3.6.8.Final


  • fixed wrong class reference in multiResourceDate.jsp
  • upgraded XStream version for Java 7 compatability
  • fixed empty templates
  • fixed useLimitation XPath
  • added template to ignore any PT_FreeText related passages
  • added span elements for select boxes to comply with IE7 rendering
  • added permanent folder for thumbnail previews
  • fixed browse graphics tab count
  • added locking ids with user and group
  • added missing tab name for error message
  • fixed wrong xpath prefixm in JSONController
  • fixed service tiles integration
  • added css classes to specific <td> for better styling
  • fixed incorrect id of maintenance note

smartEditor v. 1.2

New Features

  • UK GEMINI 2.1 support
  • New element: vertical extent
  • Code list selection for applied metadata standard


  • Refactored processing of capabilities documents
  • Corrected GPT deployment
  • Added 'fre' as additional ISO 639-2 acronym for French
  • Lessened ticket verification strictness
  • Fixed 0:* problem with "alternate title"
  • Changed validation rule message for element "service type"
  • added validation of "operationName" and "URL"
  • fixed missing date/dateType validation error when providing a thesaurus reference for keywords

smartEditor v. 1.1


  • Improved support for INSPIRE Spatial Data Service types
  • INSPIRE Discovery Service 3.0 support
  • New additional metadata elements (alternate title,resource maintenance)
  • Improved search for parent identifiers and coupled resources

Performance improvements

  • Upgrade to jQuery 1.5.2
  • Upgrade to jQuery-UI 1.8.11


  • #8339," Wrong thumbnail tooltip"
  • #8569," Not update of spatial extent"
  • #8572," Error setting conformity to ‚not evaluated‘"
  • #8816," Deleting of templates and drafts with German Umlauts is not possible"
  • #9267," Service cannot be access through "Web Service" Dialog if Proxy User Authentication is required"
  • #9293," Missing tooltips"
  • #9377," Importing an ESRI-ISO-file from AGS10 – no Abstract-element is created"

smartEditor v. 1.0

Initial version of the smartEditor

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