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smartEditor is a web based editor to easily create and update ISO19115/19119 metadata documents on geospatial data sets, services, series and applications and many more resources.

This tool provides templates, validation with error highlighting and comprehensive user support through comprehensive help texts and integrated code lists. On top of that, smartEditor allows the definition of multiple values for metadata elements, if required.

Since the smartEditor’s metadata processing is completely based on XSL transformation, it is a highly configurable solution for custom views on metadata.

smartEditor has been developed by con terra as a component of the sdi.suite terraCatalog, and is already used in many public sites to create and maintain metadata. The smartEditor interoperates with a number of existing metadata catalogue systems, such as the Esri Geoportal Server.

As of February 2011, con terra contributed the smartEditor to the 52°North Metadata Management Community as a starting point for joint efforts in exploring and evaluating new techniques for managing the life cycle of metadata.

Key features:

  • Support for ISO 19139 v1.0 (XML encoding of ISO 19115/19119)
  • Support for INSPIRE metadata specification (INSPIRE Metadata Implementing Rules: Technical Guidelines based on EN ISO 19115 and EN ISO 19119)
  • Integrated GEMET client for selecting search terms
  • Rule based validation supporting different metadata profiles (e.g. ISO, INSPIRE)
  • Descriptions of metadata elements in conjunction with their usage in INSPIRE (if applicable)
  • Map component for defining spatial extents
  • Support for saving drafts documents
  • Support for saving template documents
  • Uses OGC CSW 2.02 interface for communication with metadata management system
  • Highly configurable using XSLT
  • Authentication of user and authenticated usage of transactional CSW endpoints

The smartEditor can either be operated as stand alone software or as a component of a metadata management or cataloging system. The latter might require the implementation of an adapter (e.g. to handle authentication).


1. Sophisticated client to simply use GEMET thesaurus (INSPIRE requirement)


2. Comprehensive help texts as tool tipps


3. Dynamically choose a profile for validation


4. Error highlighting on validation

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