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example GEO labelThe GEO label is an interactive visual summary of geospatial metadata to facilitate search and discovery use cases. It is a graphical representation which comprises 8 informational facets: producer profile, lineage information, producer comments, compliance with standards, quality information, user feedback, expert reviews, and citations information. Each informational facet can have an availability states: available, not available, available only at a higher level. This information is encoded with symbols and colours for easy comprehensibility and repeated recognition.

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Currently, the GEO label supports several metadata standards such as ISO19115 and FGDC (both producer metadata documents), SensorML for sensor descriptions, as well as GeoViQua Quality Information Model (includes producer and user quality information).

Within the research project GeoViQua, members of the metadata community developed a Java-based GEO label server implementation that can generate GEO labels on-the-fly based on metadata documents. The project GEO-label-java is published as open source software under the Apache Software License, Version 2.0 and the source code is available on GitHub.

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Code manager: Daniel Nüst (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Interactive GEO label SVG(drilldown links disabled):

Producer Profile 1 responsible parties, first name and organisation are Five, Two N from 52°North Lineage Information Number of process steps: 0. Number of history entries: 0. Producer Comments Supplemental information: unavailable. First of 0 known issues: unavailable. Standards Compliance Standard name: sml:SensorML, version 1.0.1. Quality Information Outputs with quality information: 5, of which 2 are textual, 0 are categorical, and 3 are quantities. User Feedback Number of feedbacks: 110100. Average rating: 4 (34 ratings). Expert Review Number of reviews: 42. Average rating: 4.2 (17 ratings). Citations Information Number of citations: 0.

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